Våra stenskottsfolie

Nu har du förhoppningsvis alla hört talas om Paint Protection Film (PPF). Ngenco Protect är nästa generations stenskottsskydd som kallas Paint Protection Spray (PPS). Ngenco Protect ger en helt sömlös, 100% täckning av bilens lackerade ytor. Precis som PPF skyddar den bilen från stenflis och repor och har självhelande egenskaper. Men det slutar inte där. Ngenco Protect är helt anpassningsbar. Vi kan använda vilken färg som helst med Ngenco Protect, med ränder och leverer för att uppnå absolut varje look du kan föreställa dig. Ännu mer imponerande, det är helt avtagbart när så önskas!

Hur skiljer sig Protect från andra skyddsfolien?

Ngenco Protect stenskottsfilm kombinerar SEAMLESS COVERAGE OCH OPARALLERAD CLARITY. Befintliga produkter lider ofta av en gummiliknande struktur och utseende. Protect garanterar samma glansiga och djupa finish på lacken med de skydds- och självhälsningsfunktion.

Protect är den mest revolutionerande stenskottsskydden på marknaden idag. Ngenco Protect levereras som standard med samma finishkvalitet som OEM-färg (med naturligtvis alla extra fördelar med att vara PPS), 

Vilka är fördelarna med protect stenskottsskyddskydd?


Protect skyddar din bil från flis, mindre skrubber och skrot, miljöfaktorer som felstänk och skyddar ytbehandlingen mot defekter från dålig tvättteknik. TopazSkin erbjuder en komplett och sömlös täckning som inte är möjligt med PPF.



Clear TopazSkin has a superior optical clarity and is very easy to maintain. When looked after correctly it gives a depth of shine like freshly detailed paint for many years. Coloured TopazSkin has the same advantages as clear, however, you choose the colour or livery!


Self Healing

TopazSkin has self-healing properties. Stone chips, scuffs, scratches and swirls that don’t penetrate the TopazSkin topcoat disappear with the application of heat from hot tap water, the car’s engine or even just the sun.



If a panel needs replacing, you won’t be off the road for long. Most panels can be replaced quickly – unlike traditional paint repairs, which often take weeks.



TopazSkin is only marginally more expensive than conventional PPF, and considerably cheaper that the cost of respraying a car with traditional methods.



TopazSkin can be any colour or finish. Best of all it is completely removable when desired, leaving the paintwork underneath in perfect condition.

Which TopazSkin coverage to choose?

How thick is TopazSkin?

TopazSkin is four to five times thicker than the factory clear coat, however, it does not stop there. We are able to make TopazSkin as thick as we desire at particularly vulnerable parts of the car, such as infront of the rear arches. This gives increased protection without changing the perfect glossy finish.


We provide a 5 Year Warranty on all our TopazSkin that has been applied by Topaz’s team of certified installers, the longest and most comprehensive warranty of its kind in the UK. We warrant your TopazSkin against yellowing, crackling or lifting and will replace any area of TopazSkin that is on inspection deemed to not meet this criteria during the course of its warranty (from date of purchase). Of course the warranty does not cover damage to TopazSkin caused by accidents, collisions, intentional misuse, ordinary wear or damage caused by products or cleaners not recommended for use on TopazSkin. As well as the warranty we provide clients with thorough After Care advice and documentation to help keep the car looking great for many years to come. For more information, warranty exclusions, full Terms & Conditions or After Care information please contact a member of the Topaz team.

After Care and Maintenance

Once your car has been protected by our Topaz Installers you can also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that maintaining the glossy appearance of the TopazSkin is still very simple, we provide After Care instructions along with your warranty documentation but a few key points are:

  • As the application of the TopazSkin involves fresh paint and topcoat we advise to not wash the car for the first 7 days afterwards, guarenteeing each layer has had time to settle properly.

  • Once the TopazSkin has cured, you are able to wash the car as normal (if possible use the twin bucket method and a lambswool wash mitt), if using a pressure washer ensure that you keep the spray lance at least 3 feet away from the surface of the TopazSkin especially the edges as the pressure may lift the edge of the TopazSkin, we recommend a PH neutral shampoo and car care products such as Gtechnic or Swissvax.

  • If you get bug splatter or bird dropping you should still remove this as soon as possible as you would with bare paint, while the TopazSkin adds protection the top layer has a similar make up to your cars own lacquer and will also be marked from the acids etching into it.

  • If you like to polish or wax your car you can continue to do this on TopazSkin covered panels although more careful selection of the products must be taken. Polishes that are resin, solvent based or abrasive can mark the TopazSkin leaving a haze or damaging the self healing abilities and must be avoided. A good quality natural wax like Carnauba can be used, of course if you are unsure our team can advise on specific recommended products.

  • Surface scratches and swirl marks in the TopazSkin will heal over a period of time, if you needed to accelerate the process then pour warm water (not boiling) over the desired area, that will help the upper most layer of the TopazSkin to morph back into its original state.